Vision Therapy: A Ray of New Hope

Vision therapy is a physical therapy that is used for the betterment of your eyes and brain. This therapy does not involve any surgery and has helped patients, children in particular, for viewing problems like crossed eyes, lazy eye, convergence insufficiency, double vision, learning and reading issues. In fact, patients who had given up hope of any improvement have gotten 100% results from this therapy.

This procedure is performed via various exercises. It is used for treating learning disabilities and to resolve any visual problem that is hindering with the reading process. Though Optometrists don’t really ascertain visual therapy as a treatment, it can’t be denied either.

What is Vision Therapy

This therapy is used for treatment of eye problems. It is a progressive stage program that involves some exercises. Some main points of Vision Therapy are:

• It is performed under strict doctor surveillance.

• Customized as per the patient’s requirements.

• An in-office treatment, with some outdoor sessions. The sessions are held once or twice a week and can be 30 minutes to an hour long.

• Apart from in-office, home exercises are also done.

Vision Therapy Recommendation

Visual therapy is recommended under these conditions:

• To improve vision efficiency and comfort

• To help patient’s build a better visual skill.

• To change the process of interpretation of visual information by the patient.

Many confuse themselves with thinking, this therapy is an exercise for the eye, but exercises are done to make the muscles stronger and for your information, your eye muscles are quite strong.

Therapy sessions held in the office involves various special equipment and is done under professional supervision. Some of the types of equipment used include:

• Corrective lens

• Therapeutic lens

• Prism lens

• Optical filters

• Occluders (eye patches)

• Electronic target time mechanism

• Computer software

• Training device with visual motor sensors

• Vestibular device (balance board)

The process is quite simple. After a comprehensive visual test, the therapist does an evaluation of your outcome and reports. After studying your case, they can confirm if the therapy will benefit you or not.


Hope by now it’s clear, vision therapy is not a surgery and is totally safe for children as well. Yes, for the therapy to be a success it’s it is important to follow the instructions given by your therapist. Plus your full involvement, especially in children cases is a must. With children be supportive and make them feel comfortable so they interact with the therapist.

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4 Vision Health Benefits Of Cheese

One of the ways to make certain types of foods more appetizing is to add cheese to your favorite meals. Cheese is a good source of calcium and it’s also a good source of other vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Phosphorous and protein to name a few. There is an ongoing debate among health professionals in the nutrition industry as to whether cheese is a healthy food which you are able to include in your diet. Cheese often gets a bad reputation due to the fact that people tend to associate cheese with fat and blame it for contributing to weight gain. However, this does not apply to all types of cheese. It depends on the type of cheese you decide to include in your diet. Therefore, if you would like more information on the health benefits of cheese, here is some information concerning this matter.

Cheese is an integral part of a favorite American diet due to the fact that it is included in almost every food we eat from pizza, to egg omelets to nachos to salads to delicious sandwiches. 96% of Americans eat cheese. Considering the fact that this food is considered to be such a popular American treat the question which people are asking is are there any health benefits to including cheese in your diet?

There are actually 5 types of healthy cheese to choose from and these include the following: Mozzarella, Cottage cheese, Feta cheese and goat cheese and Swiss cheese. Therefore, here are some of the health benefits of eating cheese:

1.Calcium Builds Strong And Healthy Bones: Cheese has calcium, a nutrient which is essential in building strong and healthy bones.

2.Benefits of Cheese in Improving Eye Health: The French have a diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids, resveratrol and antioxidants which include cheese and milk. This diet has helped to maintain healthy eyesight.

3.Surprisingly Reduces Risk for Heart Disease: Many people don’t believe that cheese can lower your risk for heart disease. However, a French diet which consists of a good source of cheese may help you to reconsider your point of view concerning this subject. The average French man eats more cheese than any other person in any part of the world. The French have the lowest rate of coronary artery disease. The average French man eats on average 25.7 Kilograms of cheese compared to an American who eats on average 15.2 kilograms of cheese.In spite of this fact The French enjoy great heart health.

4.Dairy products such as cheese are an essential source of vitamin A which benefits eye health by supplying the eyes with a substance called retinol which has a protective effect on the eyes. From this point of view, it protects the surface of the eyes from bacterial infection.

Cheese is considered to be a favorite American food. Cheese enhances the flavor of many different meals. It is also a powerhouse of nutrition due to the fact that it consists of vitamin A, phosphorous, calcium, Zinc and Vitamin B12. It also provides a variety of health benefits which include building strong teeth and bones. Cheese also promotes better heart health and it also improves and preserves vision. You are able to include this healthy food in your diet to provide nutritional insurance against osteoporosis. When you make cheese an integral part of a balanced diet you are able to live a healthy lifestyle which helps you to achieve your vision improvement goals for better natural eyesight.

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